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Which of them are most often search by search engine users. Thanks to this, in the description, we can include those key phrases that have a chance to bring us the most views and clicks on the ad. If, for example, Google Trends shows that women s black high heels are a more frequently search phrase than women s black pumps , it is worth using the first option in both the description and the title. How to optimize product photos in the product fe An obligatory element of the fe is a to the product photo, which the system can then use in advertisements. However, in order to obtain the best file quality, it is worth not.

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Limiting yourself to just one photo, but add several, showing the product in more detail. This can be done by using the attribute for an Syria Business Email List additional photo. This attribute can be repeat times per product, which means we can add up to additional images. However, the standard is that for one product we place photos that show the product from different angles. All upload photos should be of good quality, but their weight cannot exce MB. Although the official fe specification on Google s website states that photos should have a minimum size of pixels for clothing and pixels for other products, it is better to focus on photos with a higher resolution.

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The optimal size for product photos is pixels. It s worth sticking to these guidelines because high quality images improve your click through rate and, as a result, can increase conversions. Optional attributes that are worth completing to optimize your product fe As we have already mention, in addition to the basic data, it is also worth completing at least some of the attributes that are consider optional by the system. Admittly, the file will be accept without them and the ads will be display, but their performance will not be as good as when we add BTC Email List additional information. Here are some attributes that are definitely worth complementing.

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