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Mistake There are industries, and thus online stores, that in certain months enjoy much more interest than usual. For example, we can assume that a ski shop will achieve the highest conversion and sales results at the end of autumn and in winter. Therefore, conducting A B tests for this website should take place in months when the number of inquiries and complet orders is usually similar. Otherwise, A B tests will give false results, and thus can be counterproductive. Mistake Another mistake website owners make when doing A B testing is to go by their own feelings. Meanwhile, when performing tests, the assumptions of.

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UX user experience should be taken into account. UX examines the entire experience of users staying on a given website, tries to answer two Brazil Business Email List elementary questions What do people do e.g. on which subpage they are most often and How do they do it what route do they take to get to this subpage. It is therefore necessary to take into account the average feelings of users, which may often be contrary to the sense of aesthetics of the website owner. Mistake An extremely common mistake made when implementing A B tests is to abort the test before the end of the schul time.

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This is because it often seems to the person performing the test that the results are unambiguous, so there is no point in checking the solutions any longer. However, in this type of tests, it is the appropriately long time that allows you to obtain reliable results, and interrupting it causes the statistical data to be distort. Mistake The last but not least common mistake is running many A B tests at once. In this case, it is impossible to draw BTC Email List conclusions about which element brought the expect effect, because there is a so.

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