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The answer to this problem is to create a large amount of diverse content and observe which of them are most often link by users and why. The word clickbait comes from the English language. It was creat from the combination of the words click , meaning click, and bait , meaning bait. Clickbait is an extremely popular recently activity consisting in attracting the attention of recipients with the title of the article and or its thumbnail , which usually exaggerate the content contain in the article, often at the expense of the reliability of the information. Clickbaits are catchy , and thus often clickable.

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The primary purpose of clickbait is to generate revenue from online advertising. Often, these ads appear simultaneously with clicking on the Barbados Business Email List headline, which makes it difficult to read the article freely, and thus causes impatience and irritation in the recipients. Clickbait features The basic features of clickbaits are arousing curiosity a natural feature of every human being sensationalism so call cheap sensation spreading fake news shocking influencing emotions stimulating desires chaos and disinformation making a promise to quickly and effectively deal with the problem, settle the matter.

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The above features can be well illustrat with examples of clickbaits. Examples of clickbait clickbait titles Clickbaits can be found in almost every part of the Internet. Shocking titles and flashy graphics appear in e mail marketing, on Facebook, on gossip portals, and which is no longer surprising to anyone today on news portals or in pop up ads on many websites. Below are examples of clickbait titles that each of us has probably encounter many times You must see this Check it out It s unbelievable No one believ him until he did it. After watching this film, you will BTC Email List change your mind once and for all about. If you see this movie, you will never again.

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