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Motherboard InstallableThe motherboard must also meet certain requirements Stable work under load. It should be borne in mind that the installd equipment will work constantly. It must withstand information processing. Ability to connect several cards at once. As previously notd only one video card is not enough. To simplify the creation of a farm motherboards with several slots are usd. All other parameters for example ports and connectors interfaces the possibility of overclocking cannot be calld important parameters. They will not be requird when assembling a mining farm. Processors Previouslythe processor was usd much more often. This is due to the fact that modern solutions are characterizd by a large number of cores and good performance. However the processor has recently been found in mining less and less.

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This is due to the fact that the video card does the job much better. It is better suitd for processing blocks. When choosing the right iron several different indicators are taken into account Number of Cores. The Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List more the higher the performance. Today they produce models with cores. Top solutions do an excellent job with complex tasks but are expensive. Clock frequency. Also affects performance. It varies over a wide range but the average value is about GHz energy consumption.

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The use of modern technologies allows to reduce energy consumption. This makes the installation economical reduces the payback period. Price. AMD’s offer is cheaper Intel is considerd a more reliable solution. In BTC Email List addition the processor does not have builtin cooling so an additional cooler block or other system is installd. How to mine Ethrerum ether mining Ether is considerd the second most important coin. It also has a great price in the market. Every year more and more miners abandon Bitcoin in favor of Ethereum. As in the previous case you have to install productive equipment. At the same time there is no particular difference with Bitcoin. Video cards Almost any video card is suitable for mining.

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