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You do to optimize your product fe product fe, also known as a product fe, is an essential element of the PLA Product Listing Ads campaign in the Google advertising system. In order to run any product ads in the Google search engine or the Shopping tab, you must first create a list of products from the online store in CSV or XML format and upload it to your Google Merchant Center account. From there, the advertising system will then obtain information about our offer. The product fe is not creat manually, it is usually creat easily by plug ins available for individual store systems, where you can assign individual attributes to products.

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It is worth knowing that the quality of this file has a huge impact on the effectiveness of the campaign and even the display of our ads to users. Therefore Saudi Arabia Business Email List its optimization is one of the most important tasks, pos by the launch of the PLA campaign. What should you pay attention to in order to create a high quality product fe Why is product fe optimization so important At the beginning, it is worth asking yourself the basic question why care for the product fe is so high in the hierarchy of activities that we undertake when creating a PLA campaign. It is an important factor for several reasons. First of all, in this type of campaign.

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We have no influence on which key phrases our ad will be display for. It is the Google Ads algorithm that decides when to show our product, bas on the information contain in the product fe. Therefore, optimizing this file, for example by adding key phrases of interest to us in the title or description of the item, gives us at least an indirect influence on who and in what context our products will be publish. Secondly, a number of attributes can be add to each product, i.e. product features, such as size, color, material, gender in the case of clothes BTC Email List or pattern. In the Google Shopping tab, the user can filter the results bas on exactly the same attributes.

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