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Written many times on our blog about the importance of linking in positioning. In his presentation, Miłosz Krasiński reminds about obtaining from journalists, freelancers, etc. The speaker point out that according to him, the topic of the pages is less important, the content itself, with which the link will be link, is more important. I won t repeat it twice Were the parents right Sebastian Heymann EACTIVE The lecturer Sebastian took a closer look at duplication, commonly consider harmful. In his presentation, the speaker present the thesis that content can be copi under various intentions meeting the user s nes and using appropriate anchors ands.

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A few examples of phrases in which the creation of unique content did not guarantee a higher position. He also provid an. SEO Quick Wins.  of your SEO Gabon Business Email List strategy Ewelina Podrez Siama Fox Strategy Ewelina from The number of clicks shown in the Facebook Ads Manager may be higher than what we see in Google Analytics. User tracking across devices Analytics is therefore definitely more accurate when it comes to counting sessions and clicks at the level of one device. What about when a user is on different devices and clicks on an ad, for example, first on a phone and then on a computer Facebook is much better at counting here.

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Facebook and thus click on any advertisement there, the user must be logg in to his account. Most users use the same account on all devices, so the Facebook algorithm has no problem distinguishing when it s dealing with the same user and when it s not. In Google Analytics, the default data collection is bas on cookies, and these are assign to a specific device. Hence, each change of the device by the user makes him qualifi as a new person. What does this mean in practice If a viewer first clicks on your ad on a phone and then responds to it again on a BTC Email List desktop, Google Analytics will record them as two separate visitors from different traffic sources.

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