Debate and Conclusions of SEO companies at the IV Agencies Meeting

Therefore, Debate and Conclusions of SEO companies at the IV Agencies Meeting. SEO is the cornerstone of most online marketing strategies. That is why a space dedicated to this matter could not be missing from the fourth edition of the Agencies Meeting . The prelude to the table was led by. who contributed several important points. Therefore, the latest SEO trends: Mobile : Our websites have to be adapted to the devices from which users search for us. Mobile searches already surpass desktop searches. Penalties : Any action designed to get links must be very white. A penalty from Google could mean the closure of a business.

The problem of Web Architecture in ecommerce

The problem of Web Architecture in ecommerce. The debate became more acute when the topic of web architecture was put on the table. Bad web architecture can bring the worst consequences to an ecommerce. Good content cannot be indexed if the architecture is not achieved. Therefore, When it comes to selling products there is a lot of long tail to play with. To take advantage of all these keywords. Therefore, It is necessary to have a favorable architecture.

The importance of strategy

The importance of strategy. Behind each action there must be planning, a strategy. Uncoordinated actions are worthless without a clear orientation towards a defined objective. Setting economic purposes and BTC Email List correct measurement are the basis of success. We must define an intention for our actions. Therefore, What content is appropriate. It is not about creating content by weight. We must study in depth what topics bring us closer to the client. 

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