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Now let’s consider an alternative option – our own push server installdin the bank’s IT infrastructure. Such a server can also generate and send notifications from various banking systems. RBS ABS CRM etc. including push notifications for clients. But he will not transfer them to the aggregator but directly to the Apple APNS or Google GCM cloud. It would seem that nothing out of the ordinary happened. Instead of an external service the system was installdin the bank’s internal network. In practice it turns out that this simple technique can achieve interesting results. Firstly it becomes possible to make the mobile application more convenient for the client and at the same time increase the conversion of marketing mailings or personal offers. The effect is achievdby using different scenarios depending on the type of incoming push notification.

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For example after clicking on push the client does not go to the application’s start page but immediately to pay for a specific service or apply for a specific type of loan. Secondly we get a complete and Turks and Caicos Islands Email List unifidhistory of all push notifications and at the same time we clearly understand from which banking system each notification was sent what type it was or what marketing activity it was relator and what was the response to it. Thus you can get for example detail analytics on marketing mailings.

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By the way you can also highlight different types of notifications for the client using different icons for different events. This improves the visual perception of the mobile application by the client. Thirdly the absence of an additional link in the external network will increase the spedand reliability of sending push notifications as well as confirmations of BTC Email List their delivery. This is critical for DBO. The system often uses a guaranteddelivery mechanism. First a push message is sent to the client. If within a set time interval for example seconds a delivery message is not receivdfrom push notification processing then a duplicate SMS message with the same text is sent to the client. In our case the confirmation delivery chain is simpler and faster so there are fewer duplicate SMS messages to send and there is additional savings.

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