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High budget requir in some segments. When to use outbound marketing When considering the two types of marketing strategy, it is worth taking into account certain criteria. In some cases, outbound marketing works much better, and in others it is better to focus on inbound methods. So when is it worth using outbound strategies and addressing customers directly When you expect quick results You have to wait for the results of inboud activities. So if you ne to achieve specific goals, it s best to turn to outbound techniques or paid advertising like Google Ads. They usually allow you to acquire certain customers or leads in a short time.

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However it is worth remembering about the principles of running effective outbound campaigns, which were includ above. When you are new to Myanmar Business Email List the market It is difficult for small, new companies to break through in the minds of customers by conducting only inbound marketing activities, and waiting for results can lead to a deterioration of the company s financial situation. Therefore, in order to put the proverbial foot in the door crack, it is worth using outbound strategies that will help increase brand visibility and at the same time acquire leads at a much lower cost. When you have a limit budget to start.

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Then a well thought out outbound approach with paid channels may work. Of course, this does not apply to companies that have, for example, low fix costs and can afford to wait longer for results despite a limit budget. When to use inbound marketing Of course, there are also situations where inbound marketing is usually much better. When is it worth using When you re not in a hurry Do you care about building a strong brand, but do not expect instant BTC Email List results If you have the right budget and can afford to slowly build your position, it is worth betting on intensive inbound activities.

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