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On given topics allows you to obtain information in a few moments that requir costly focus research just a few years ago. Now, to find out how we stack up against the competition is just a few clicks away. How to listen to the voice of the client Of course, that s not all thanks to brand monitoring, we can find out where we are most talk about both online and in the real world , how our marketing activities are perceiv and what topics are most often talk about in our industry. Modern social listening tools – such as SentiOne – allow you to analyze any topic in terms of emotional attitude. An advanc AI algorithm is able to recognize.

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Whether a given statement is positive or negative. We can therefore analyze the mentions of your latest marketing campaign and find out what Burma Business Email List Internet users think about it. Just another click, and we will also find out what keywords are most often us in relation to the campaign. In this way, we will identify which aspects of the campaign were receiv warmly and which completely miss. We click again and we see demographic data. Who turn out to be the target group It all sounds complicat. Yes, the detail of the data that is shar by social platforms allows you to conduct analyzes for long hours, from every angle that we are able to come up with.

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Fortunately this does not mean a high effort and resources. On the contrary, thanks to automation, we can receive reports and analysis on any topic on a weekly, daily, even hourly basis if we ne such accuracy. Brand monitoring best practices and common mistakes What does brand monitoring look like in practice What should you pay attention to and what should you avoid First of all under no circumstances can we limit our monitoring to only a few channels. In today s internet, it s easy to forget that there are other communication platforms than BTC Email List Facebook or Instagram. This is a big mistake Our customers are not monolithic we can find them everywhere.

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