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 The beneficial effect that Disney princesses have on the self-esteem of the little ones in the house is spurred by the frequency with which they pretend to be princesses when they play. The study shows that children who opt for medium-sized princesses are more physically active (perhaps also because these princesses star in plot lines that are more lavish in action in the movies). For their part, those boys and girls whose.

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Disney princesses are thin do not experience positive changes in their category email list own self-esteem (but they are not at the mercy of negative changes either). And if we take into account that children who play with medium-sized princesses see their confidence in their own bodies reinforced, the protagonists of Disney films generally have a positive.

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Agency present their new content production

Impact on the self-esteem of boys and girls (despite one might soon BTC Email List assume the opposite).TrueStory and Summer. Agency present their new content production company for brands. Summer Story Valeria Rodriguez Written by Valeria Rodriguez October 6, 2023 at 3:50 p.m. SHARE Twitter Summer Story offers brands the opportunity to tell their stories with creative and inspiring content.

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