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Mark The Brand attribute is most helpful. When we sell products of well known and frequently search brands, but it is worth using in every case. However, this is an attribute that is often misfill, which can ruce the effectiveness of ads, so it is worth paying special attention to it. A common mistake is to enter the name of your online store here, while the correct value is the name of the manufacturer of the product. So if, for example, we sell Nike sneakers in our store nam XYZ, we should enter Nike in the brand attribute, not XYZ. Enter the name of your online store here only if our company produces a given item from the offer.

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If the product does not have a brand or is unknown, do not complete this attribute. Product group ID This attribute is us to group products that are available in different versions, sizes or colors.Is Aggregated In One Place. That Allows For Thailand Business Email List Proper Management And Similarly If You Don T Have Such Tools You Waste A Lot Of Time On. Communication Thanks to this, they will not be display to users as separate products, but as variants of the same. Item, which will make it easier for them to familiarize themselves with the offer and make a purchasing decision. For all products that are to be group, we should add the same product group.

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Size This attribute is mandatory for clothing. And footwear, but recommend for all products with different size variations. To determine this parameter, it is best to use the most popular sizes in the country for which the campaign is to be run. If a product comes in multiple sizes, it s important to add a product group ID to all sizes. If the clothes we sell have one size, we can enter the value universal size in the attribute. Material Material is one of the most important attributes for many products, including clothing, accessories, footwear and BTC Email List furniture. If the product is available in different material variants, each of them is add to.

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