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Arks color intensity the uniqueness of the graphics Determining the website s potential consists in choosing the right phrases for positioning. This is also the moment when, together with the client, we determine the method of measuring the effects conversion and when we can talk about satisfaction with the results of positioning. In this case, we want to achieve Long term goal building popularity of the place on the Internet, which will lead to an increase in visits. Short term goal building appropriate categories on the website that will meet the nes of the target group. Step. Building an on site strategy and its implementation.

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The implementation of the positioning strategy is the most time consuming stage of work. Knowing the target group and the client s goals, we Dominica Business Email List were able to start making changes to the website. What have we done we creat as many as new subpages, we have prepar appropriate keywords for each thematic category, we have prepar appropriate keywords for each restaurant, place in. Koneser, we have optimiz subpage titles and headers, we expand the top menu, we determin which subpages should be. Index and which should not, we have prepar rirects, we creat a blog, we have prepar about , zzzs of content. Koneser.

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Domain visibility We start our joint activities with Koneser in May. It is worth recalling that the domain is an exception, which we wrote about in the introduction. It is rare for a website whose positioning effects can be seen so quickly. The strong domain, which allow for instant visibility, was a great help. In standard positioning, we must first gain Google s trust, correct technical shortcomings, and only then optimize. In this case, we focus on the last element. Thanks to the client s help and his involvement, the site BTC Email List multipli the starting visibility according to data in Senuto in all position ranges three times.

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