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Or is already positioning, websites from our industry. This means that they know the specifics, know what phrases to choose, and above all they already have thematic background for positioning. Certificates. Note there is no such thing as a positioning certificate. The only valuable documents confirming the agency s reliability are web analytics certificates Google Analytics. It s nice if, by the way, the company has the status of a Google Partner, but remember that it is a certificate that it runs AdWords campaigns well. Hardware resources, in other words, facilities. Having the right pages supporting.

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Activities is the basis of positioning. Without this, the site cannot be properly position. Human resources. The most important question to ask the company How many people position and how many people acquire customers A healthy Venezuela Business Email List ratio is at least to. If the ratio is lower the next r light you should think about such cooperation, whether the SEO specialist will even have time to take care of our results when at the same time he has to jump other companies acquir by the staff traders. Specialization. SEO is such a difficult topic that it cannot be done by the way. If someone does not specialize in positioning, it does not pay off to invest in tools and facilities.

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A company whose core business is website positioning and optimization will always perform the entrust task better People. Automatons do not position, behind every SEO success there are people. It is worth following the company s profile on Facebook and reading the company s blog. It s always nice to work with a well coordinat group of people with expert knowlge, rather than with corporate robots that speak the language of learn scripts. If you ve made it this far, I hope you ll take a few more moments to read some interesting cases on the next things to BTC Email List consider. Promotions, discounts, sales Opportunity If a client asks me about a discount.

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