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For owners of online stores to present their offer against the competition, increase brand exposure and, consequently, also sales. Seeing the opportunities offer by price comparison websites, we decid to launch our own solution Asortimo. And as usual at Verseo, we don t like to follow the beaten path, we prefer to set new routes. Asortimo price comparison and much more Asortimo is a platform relat to the Google Shopping service. Thanks to this, adding an offer in Asortimo automatically places products not only in our comparison engine, but also in the. Shopping tab when using the. Google search engine. You don t have to tiously add elements one by.

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One just send a file with a product fe generat from CMS. Thanks to Asortimo CSS, you can also really ruce the cost of Google Ads if you use. PLA Product Listing Ads. Our system allows you to bypass the commission paid to Google, which allows you Andorra Business Email List to save up to of the cost of this type of advertising. At the same time, it is fully compliant with the terms of service. PLA ads appear at the top of search results after entering a product phrase. Thanks to the exposure in such a place and the fact that the ad is shown to a user who has already express initial interest in the product by entering its name, the chance of conversion is quite high.

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Google Ads is the most popular advertising. System in the world, and product ads can generate a good return on investment maybe it s a good time to take advantage of the huge possibilities of the. Google ecosystem. Even if you do not intend to use. PLA ads at the moment, adding your offer to. Asortimo will ensure more traffic on the store s website. Our platform as a product aggregator does not participate in transactions, but only rirects the customer to the final product page in the e shop. Content marketing for online stores. The price comparison engine is BTC Email List just one of the functions that Asortimo includes. E commerce is increasingly.

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