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Curiosities relat to affiliate marketing Good to know that. The most popular industry in Poland and not only where affiliate marketing is us is fashion. Groupon, a well known website that enables the purchase of products, local services and travel services, uses primarily affiliate marketing in its marketing activities. Affiliate marketing is it worth it As we mention above, affiliate marketing is an effective tool for the development of e commerce companies. However, if anyone has any doubts about the advantages of affiliate marketing, it is worth looking at the numbers data comes from firms.

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Currently, almost of advertising revenues appearing in digital mia, and more precisely over , comes from affiliate marketing. The interest in affiliate Haiti Business Email List marketing in compar to increas by almost half, or more precisely by. At the end of , four out of five advertisers declar that they use affiliate marketing. At the end of , four out of five owners of popular websites and accounts on social networks declar that they act as publishers. Considering the above figures, and thus the growing popularity of affiliate marketing, it is definitely worth getting acquaint with the subject of affiliate programs and using those that are likely to bring the best sales results.

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It is also worth noting that affiliate programs have a big advantage over the already well known online advertising. This is because the advertiser using this solution affiliate marketing pays only for the effect agre in the previously conclud contract, and when there are no effects, he does not bear the costs. On the other hand, in the case of advertising, there is a high risk that the costs incurr will not translate into profits at all. Surreptitious advertising in all mia, both social and traditional, is prohibit. Each product placement should always be clearly mark BTC Email List by the creator or person publishing the given advertising material. And while these rules are respect in traditional mia, some influencers on.

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