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Behavior at a specific moment and, on this basis, optimizes bids and buys space for our company s ads. It works in real time, so it gives us the best results across all channels at any given time. Audience Signals a new method of selecting the target group With the introduction of Performance Max, a new method of searching for the most valuable recipients for given advertising creations Audience Signals has also appear. This method of targeting is a combination of Google s automatic targeting and our knowlge of the brand s customers. As part of Audience Signals, we can define the group that is most important for our business.

In our opinion gives the best chance

Of conversion However, the system may extend the reach beyond this specific group if it pricts that this can increase the profits of the campaign. This Liberia Business Email List solution is to shorten the learning time of algorithms, and thus improve campaign results. Performance Max and other types of campaigns But why did Performance Max appear at all, when you could run all these formats as part of separate campaigns This is Google Ads response to the constant changes in customer behavior and their shopping paths. Today, of consumers shop online more often than in the pre pandemic era. At the same time, however, their path to conversion.

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Is changing faster and faster

It is difficult to prict what it will look like in the future. In addition, the conversion path is often very long Google says that in some cases there are up to points of contact between the user and the ads before the conversion takes place. In such a changing reality, only a well develop algorithm that learns consumer behavior can help in data analysis and campaign optimization. Will this actually be the case Time will tell. Currently, this format is still little us and some water in the river must pass before something can be said for sure about Google s novelty. Certainly, this BTC Email List type of campaign has potential for companies that have a large advertising budget.

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