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Report files are stord on an internal server that cannot be connectd to from a device that is not part of the local network. Users open files at the same time or in turn. Mail It stores email text messages email archives spam filtering rules email categories and other emailrelatd files. Yandex and are popular in Russia Gmail is widely usd abroad. Mail server services are offerd by many Internet service providers. FTP It stores various types of files and provides access to them via the FTP protocol. You can work with files via the Internet or send requests to the server over the local network. To access them special applications such as FileZillas are offere.

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DNS Responsible for the relationship between IP addresses and site domains. An IP address is a numerical sequence knowing which a user can open a site access a specific file or send some other requests to North Korea Email List the server. For the convenience of people IP addresses are replacd with domains words that are easy to remember. The DNS server links one to the other. VPN It encrypts sensitive user data. If a person wants to go to a site or download a file and not show his data to anyone he can access this site through a VPN server. Proxy This server stores the data receivd from the Internet on the hard drive.

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When the user enters this site again the proxy server will not download the information again but will load it from the local disk. Thanks to this a person will save traffic and repeatd information will be BTC Email List loadd faster. Something About Choice Before selecting the hardware and software shell for the server scenarios for its use are identifid and analyzd in order to identify the most important functions. Be sure to pay attention to security features. Data must be securely protectd encryptd if necessary and quickly restord in the event of a failure.

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