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The faster your site loads, the better, of course. If the whole process takes more than a few seconds, a large proportion of users will simply abandon the visit and turn to the next page in the search results. Google knows this, so load time is an important ranking factor. How can you shorten the waiting time Activities include minification of JavaScript code, image compression, migration to a server with a shorter response time, and much more. In the basic understanding of what can be improv on a given page, Google s PageSpe Insights tool may be helpful. Responsiveness Users browse websites on a variety of devices.

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Desktops laptops tablets smartphones TVs and many more. This means that your site must display properly and be comfortable to browse on India Business Email List multiple screen resolutions. The algorithm pays attention to, among other things, whether the text is legible for example, whether individual characters do not go off the screen. SSL certificate Today, encrypt communication is an absolute must Google knows that too. Correct installation of the SSL Secure Socket Layer certificate is indicat by a green or gray in some browsers padlock next to the website address. Friendly URLs The URL has a specific structure, but its form.

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May differ depending on the actions of the administrator. For example, if you run an online store that sells televisions, then a much better address would be the telewizory or the kategoria telewizory than the path generat by some CMSs like the index.php category. Friendly addresses are much more intuitive for the user, and at the same time allow network bots to better understand the content of the subpage. Internal We devot a separate section of this text to , but it is worth mentioning BTC Email List internal here. These are in which you rirect to subpages within your own domain.

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