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But only a specific. Domain authority and the Google algorithm However, it is worth remembering that both domain authority and domain rating as well as other similar indicators calculat by other tools are not official Google data. This is a rough estimation only and should be us as a guide only, not a reliable factor. The Google algorithm remains a secret of the Mountain View concern all commercial tools that try to recreate it bas on their own data are inherently burden with a large dose of presumptions and even randomness.

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Of John Mueller an expert dealing with the Google algorithm for many years high domain authority with does not guarantee high positions in the Mayotte Business Email List search engine. Ahrefs, Moz or Senuto are services so useful that no SEO specialist can underestimate them mastering such tools is the basis of the positioner s work. However, it cannot be hidden that the key is the proper interpretation of the data contain therein. Commercial crawlers may not reach all. What s more, they can be block from the website administrator level in the meantime, Google crawlers will usually reach these subpages anyway. Many SEO agencies block bots of tools such as.

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Moz or Ahrefs so as not to betray

their backend pages to the competition. This strategy of security and know how protection at the same time does not allow these tools to realistically assess the link profile. Domain authority is thus only an estimat guideline, not an actual value. DR can be a sensible indicator, but the analysis of each domain must be approach individually only then the SEO audit and subsequent positioning activities will be able to extract the maximum potential from the website. An SEO audit is not equal to an audit The first step in website positioning is always or at least it BTC Email List should be a detail, specialist website audit. During such an audit, every experienc.

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