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All this so that the advertisements are mark in a way that will not raise any doubts among the recipients. Surreptitious advertising is not the only problem of promotion in social mia The reason for UOKiK s intervention is also another dangerous phenomenon for Internet users, call scam. These are scams that consist in extorting money by gaining the consumer s trust and selling him a specific product or service. An example may be, for example, promoting electronic accessories or clothing items as premium goods, and then supplying recipients with very low quality products, sometimes even harmful to health. A store can also be a scam and it will close its business very quickly after cooperation.

Consumer Protection Will Deal With

With the influencer, then people who have purchas something from the website cannot return the goods or make a complaint. The purpose of UOKiK s proceings is to combat such phenomena and to develop guidelines for influencers who earn Jamaica Business Email List from sponsor cooperation. People who knowingly violate the regulations can expect severe financial penalties. Before UOKiK took a closer look at online creators, it dealt with word of mouth marketing, i.e. advertising practices or unfair guidelines from agencies or advertisers partner should agree to, and if done every time you sign each subsequent contract, it can bring big results. obtaining links to the website.

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Other Manifestations Of Unfair

Source https karmello. pl pl zaufali nam. Aggregators Aggregators are websites that give you the opportunity to post, and thus find in one place on the website products or services of a given industry. An example can be websites that bring together entrepreneurs providing services relat to wdings hall owners, restaurateurs, music bands, photographers, videographers, etc. Most often it is enough to register your desire to appear in such an aggregator by completing the form. After verification and placing the page on such a website, it is BTC Email List possible to increase traffic on our website. An additional advantage is, of course, obtaining a backlink.

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