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The server operates when the require amount of electricity is supply. Data processing causes a lot of heat. If the generate heat is not removed, the modules will overheat and fail. This is important when servers are running for a long time. To remove heat, a separate cooling system is install. It can be represent by several fans or an antifreeze system. It is select according to the type of processor install and other criteria. Some elements may have built-in cooling. An example is a video card. However, in some cases this is not enough. Controller This element is represent by a regulator or control device. It is responsible for transferring data from RAM to the processor and vice versa, receiving information from external sources. Consider an important server module.

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The selection takes into account the type of processor, motherboard and other blocks. The performance of the system, delays in data processing, and many other points depend on the quality of work. network cards Myanmar Email List The server is creatd to connect a large number of different points. To form a local or external network, a network card is install. There are many such modules. They differ in information transfer rate, interface, number of connection connectors. Network cards are consider an important element of the system unit. It is select depending on how many information sources ned to be connect, what bandwidth is require.

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Cables Cables are requird to power and connect computers to the server. They are selectd according to a large number of indicators that must be taken into account. One of the requirements is that the BTC Email List cross section must be designd for the power consumption. When selecting a cable, the requird connectors and plugs are also taken into account. They are reliable in many other respects. It’s pretty hard to pick them up. Optical modules Despite the ubiquity of miniature drives, optical discs are still in use.

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