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Changes in SEO strategies the natural order of things When thinking about an SEO strategy, first of all, you have to accept the fact that it is impossible to create a long term action plan that will work without corrections. The Google environment is very volatile new updates to the search engine algorithm are assuming any prohibit activities or from the so call. shadow economy. Attempts to take shortcuts and cheat Google s algorithm may end up with a filter being impos either automatically or manually by an employee and this causes the page to stop displaying in search results.

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Of course you can try to remove the filter, but even if you succe, the page drops in the search results, and restoring its good reputation in the algorithm s evaluation is extremely difficult. What activities do you ne to pay special attention to For Mongolia Business Email List example, Google does not recognize the automatic mass generation of links to a page on unrelat sites, forums or blogs. Attempts to deceive search engine robots by presenting them with a different version of the page than users or attempts to hide texts on the page e.g. creating white text on a white background are frown upon.

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These types of activities are call Black Hat SEO and should be completely avoid. SEO strategy the role of cooperation between the agency and the client All changes introduc by the positioner must be accept by the client, and the sooner the acceptance takes place, the sooner the website starts to achieve results. In addition, there are also activities that the client must carry out independently, according to the positioning company s recommendations. For BTC Email List example, the spe of loading the website is very important for the visibility of the website, while some customers use slow and emergency hosting.

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