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Thus the optimal format for photos is WebP. However, it is worth remembering that its only limitation and disadvantage is the fact that it is not support by Internet Explorer, so before implementation, it is worth checking in Google Analytics what percentage of our users come from this browser. image optimization for size The weight of photos is one of the elements that can significantly ruce the page loading spe. Therefore, before uploading the photo to the server, it is worth taking care of its smallest size, while maintaining the best quality. A compression tool can help with this. It is also worth removing EXIF data from photos ie.

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Information about the camera us to take the photo, location or device seings when taking the photo. Use of lazy loading Lazy loading is a technique that delays the download of all resources from the server at once, thanks to which graphics locat in the Bahrain Business Email List further parts of the page are load only after their fragment is display, and not immiately in the above the fold ATF area. This solution saves website resources and spes up its spe. To implement lazy load, we can use ready made plugins , e.g. Autoptimize for WordPress, LLFJ – Lazy Load for Joomla for Jommla or the Load your images on demand module for Presta Shop.

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The second way to enable lazy loading is native lazy loading , which is support by the most popular browsers, i.e. Chrome and Firefox. In this case, we just ne to add a loading aribute to our image with a lazy value. What s more, native lazy loading works on all kinds of iframes, i.e. elements add to our website. A good example here is a Google map that will load when the user should see it. applying the picture element using srcset o sizes The use BTC Email List of photos adapt to the screen resolution, taking into account the size, largely affects the relief of the page when loading graphics on various devices.

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