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Facebook on the other hand, if the recipient is logg in to the same account on both of these devices, it will recognize him as the same person. Differences in attribution models The conversion can be prec by a number of different user actions. This means that before they complete the goal we set, e.g. buy an item in an online store, they may interact with the website in various ways. Let s see it on an example. A user sees an ad for shoes from your Facebook store. He will click it, he will look at the shoes, but he will not decide to buy. After a few days, he decides that he nes shoes and enters a query into the Google search.

A link to your website he clicks

On the link looks at the same shoes again, but decides to ask his wife for her opinion before buying. In the evening, he will enter the query in the search engine again, but will not click on the sponsor link, but will choose an organic result, and this time Ethiopia Business Email List he will buy shoes. So which page interaction can be attribut to this purchase Was it the first contact with the offer, i.e. the Facebook ad, that determin the user s conversion Or maybe the user no longer remember it when he search for shoes in the search engine Then it would be the sponsor link that would make it to your store and make a purchase there. But he didn t buy shoes by going to.

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The website through an advertising

But through an organic result, so maybe he should be responsible for the conversion On the other hand, there is a chance that the user initially had no plans to buy shoes at all, and it was an ad on Facebook that arous this ne in him. In this situation, this first advertisement would have play its part in convincing him to buy. The questions are constantly multiplying and it is not easy to find a clear answer to them. Therefore, individual analytical tools may adopt different BTC Email List methods of calculating the effectiveness of advertisements, i.e. they have different attribution models.

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