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Current statistics look like You will learn about it in the following paragraphs. Collaboration history Artefakt is pleas to cooperate with Termo Fol Sp. z o. o. since the end of March , when we start positioning its website. The company gave us a responsible function coordinating the migration of the website. The main tasks entrust to us are firstly, not to lose the already develop positions and visibility, secondly to multiply them. The biggest challenge of cooperation was to find the most beneficial action that would harmonize with our client s concept.

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The migration took place within the domain and consist primarily in changing the content of the website some subpages disappear or chang their address, the structure or menu chang. Within a month, we put the website in a completely different, better Malta Business Email List version. A few words about our client To outline the seriousness and difficulty of website migration, it is worth taking a look at the company we assist in this process. An improperly carri out change on the website would result in the loss of long term effects , and the brand can boast of a really big achievement. Termo Fol Sp is a leader in the heating equipment industry, operating in European countries.

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The brand offers foils, heating mats. Mirror foils, therm or egula tors, infrar panels and photovoltaic installations. Termofol is not only products. But also an original training program for contractors and a huge network of installers. Community could see its devices in the Our New Home program. Website migration and positioning. What can be gain and what BTC Email List can be lost. Many companies make one very serious mistake they start working with a positioner only after creating their website or freshly changing it.

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