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The visibility of other publish content in the future. By creating interesting content, we gain a better chance of reaching potential customers. The regularity of posting is also important. The algorithms appreciate naturally built profiles that post content regularly. How often should you post content on social mia Optimal frequency Instagram once or twice a day Facebook twice a day LinkIn once a day Twitter three times a day Tik Tok several times a day YouTube at regular, prictable intervals, such as weekly Some of the platforms allow you to view the activity of our followers on the web.

However It Is Not An Easy Task

This is exactly what Facebook has introduc, allowing you to check very accurate statistics. If you don t know the best time to post it s worth taking a look at the platform s internal statistics, the so call Page Insights. In the posts tab, you can view a Lithuania Business Email List summary from a specific period regarding our fanpage. From the first chart, we will find out what hours our followers are online, which will certainly prove helpful in planning posts. Remember that the frequency of adding posts also depends on our content. It s not worth sharing uninteresting content just because, according to the recommendations, posts on Instagram ne to be post twice a day.

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Check What Are The Pillars

Here above all the principle applies that good, engaging content should defend itself and bring more engagement than just any content upload several times a day. Knowlge of the target group Another factor that influences the popularity of a given post at a particular moment is the habits of web users. The best time to publish posts may turn out to be completely different when our target group are mothers taking care of the child at home, and different when we try to reach students or professionally active women. That is why it is so BTC Email List important to know your own target group, their habits and preferences, and then to take.

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