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The construction of the website and each change involves hours of programming work and a large financial outlay. Business owners put off the costs relat to positioning until the last minute, looking for apparent savings. Unfortunately, very often such pages ne to be rebuilt in order to reap the benefits of organic traffic. The costs start to multiply and the migration time increases. It is worth remembering that programming work and SEO activities should take place simultaneously, with very close cooperation. What can be the risk of not taking SEO into account when migrating.

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First of all a decrease in website visibility, which often translates into a ruction in conversions. The lack of correct rirections may also lead to the loss of the potential of the domain s external links, or to the generation of useless subpages returning Estonia Business Email List the code , which can frustrate users, and also threatens the permanent loss of positions built over the years. Without a properly prepar and conduct migration, the website begins to build its history from scratch, which exposes the company to additional costs and large financial losses. Naturally, the domain will retain a fraction of the power, but most often it is not enough for the new service to compete with others.

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This is especially painful for large, well known brands that have been operating on the market for years and have an establish position. This was also the case with our client. We did not want to lose his previous work on the promotion of the website. In this case, however, we had access to the development version of the site already at the design stage, so we could prevent any problems. Stage one pre migration activities Migration is a BTC Email List development activity, and the goal of such a process is to increase brand visibility. Advertisement Commercial Information.

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