Snippet’s pillars to transform the digital communication and advertising

Snippet’s pillars snippet continues to drive its growth within the digital communication and advertising sector. Its constant evolution has led the company to increase its prestige, obtaining several awards such as the award for the Best Social Platform and Electoral Campaign in 2019 or the most innovative start-up in 2020. With the aim of discovering a little more about the characteristics of your company, and delve deeper into the challenges and objectives that arise for the future, we have arranged an interview with Carlos Sánchez, CEO of Snippet.

What is Snippet's pillars and what is your main objective

We are a technology-based company that category email list was born with the challenge of transforming the digital communication and advertising industry. Until a few years ago, advertising and communication relied mainly on mass channels that used generic messages for the entire audience. But this no longer makes sense with the amount of information and data that companies have. We must move towards much more personalized advertising. To address the new needs of the market, we have developed a personalized video solution, which is capable of creating a unique experience for each person, using diction.

The ability to concatenate video blocks

Regarding which part of the funnel it BTC Email List works in, we can assure that it works for the entire funnel, it all depends on the creativity and the content generated. For example, we can improve brand awareness through memorable experiences, you can capture leads with interactive video or increase your sales conversion. Our campaigns also shine in cross-selling and up-selling actions. But even beyond the conversion funnel, our technology is also used for internal communication of companies, with employees, shareholders,… creating 100% personalized messages.

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