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How Core Web Vitals are measur. Data sources for the values of basic web components are divid into types Laboratory data lab data , i.e. measurements that are made using specializ tools. Lab data tells you what a potential user s experience with a page might be like. Of course, these are certain assumptions measur in laboratory conditions, which is why the. Core Web Vitals analysis should be additionally bas on real data the so call collect data. Laboratory data can be found, for example, in Page Spe Insights, in the Lighthouse tool in Google Dev Tools, GTMetrix or in Web Dev.

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These data measure indicators such as FCP, SI. Collect data field data , i.e. those that come from real visits of users using British Indian Ocean Territory Business Email List the Chrome browser. This data reflects the average Core Web Vitals metrics over the last days, which are deriv from the Chrome User Experience Report CrUX. The collect data is measur with the help of Google PageSpe Insights and Google Search Console and measures FSP, FID, , . Basic internet metrics The main Core Web Vitals include indicator Source hps vitals Largest Contentful Paint , which is the largest content rendering. is a metric showing the loading spe of the website.

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It is measur as the time it takes for the browser to load the largest element on the page this element can be text, graphics or video. Up to. seconds, this indicator is assess as positive. A result of. to seconds is consider average and nes improvement. On the other hand, an value above seconds indicates a high risk of the user leaving the page and is interpret as alarmingly low. The area measur in the analysis concerns the area above the fold , i.e. the first screen visible to the user after loading the page. Consequences of high too long waiting time for items to BTC Email List load. FID fid indicator Source hps vitals FID First Input Delay , which is the delay at the first action.

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