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This is an opportunity to improve broken processes, optimize content on the website, refresh the image and increase the effectiveness of SEO activities. In order to be successful in this process, first of all, it is necessary to take care of the right tasks at every stage of the migration both before, during and after the website transfer. Preparing the right plan is the basis of a successful migration process. What have we done for the website Access to the development version of the new website at the design stage allow us to fully use the potential of the old version of the website. How to do it There are at least a few ways. For example in a prominent place.

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The first stage includ activities preparing for migration. They includ Analysis of the original version of the website , which last several hours. First, we focus on analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the website. We explor the potential and drew Netherland Business Email List conclusions that help us take the next step. Analysis of the development version , during which we propos optimization solutions. In this step, we recommend creating new subpages, changing page titles and headers, and excluding keyword cannibalization. One of the most difficult tasks was the preparation of the rirection.

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Table which consist in the exact matching of archive addresses to new subpages. Researching the content and working on removing duplicates is a step we took after establishing the structure of the new page and technical recommendations. We made recommendations for the text layer and took care of its preparation. The last step was the analysis of the development version after transferring the concept from paper to the web. We meticulously BTC Email List check each element and in case of any comments we ask the customer to modify it. Stage two positioning of the finish page.

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