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The first of them is a website audit , which allows you to check a website in just seconds for optimization and requirements pos by various types of devices. The second proposal straight from Verseo is the Google Ads audit. This time, after seconds, you can get information about the evaluation of the campaign being implement. Regardless of whether the result is positive or negative it is worth contacting us and our experts will choose the right solution. After all, the competition is not sleeping and the world is rushing ahead, so you always have to keep your finger on the pulse of marketing.

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Campaign copy https poradniki  marketingu baza sprawdzonej wizy a Case study interior design industry SEO CASE STUDIES Adam Kubaszewski December , updat December , Contents Statistics before starting positioning The Zimbabwe Business Email List effects of SEO activities We have been cooperating with the client since December as part of the Advanc package PLN , net per month. The store operates in the Home and Garden industry, and the website is bas on the WordPress CMS with the WooCommerce plugin. Statistics before starting positioning Before the start of positioning, the site s statistics were as follows TOP phrases TOP phrases TOP phrases The store was therefore relatively recognizable.

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The offer was relatively easy to find in the search engine. However, the appetite was much greater, and the experience and capabilities of Verseo specialists were fully sufficient to improve these results. The effects of SEO activities We suggest creating new subpages, which we fill with the content we wrote and creat a linking strategy, which we successfully implement. After nearly months of intensive work, we can boast of the following results TOP phrases, increase by TOP phrases, increase by TOP phrases, increase by top increases top increases top increases BTC Email List Less than a year has pass, and the store s positions in the SERPs have increas by well over in each category.

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