Improves the corporate image before the client

This advantage goes hand in hand with the previous one, since by increasing the productivity of employees and promoting their motivation, teams dedicated to customer service tend to relate more cordially and carry out their activities more efficiently. Remember, employees dedicated to customer service represent the company to the customer, therefore, it is essential to guarantee that they have an excellent experience. It is a fact that, when hiring personnel, you are investing in the human capital of the company, however, paying them a salary and benefits is not enough.

What are the processes related to Human Capital

To adequately manage human capital, it is essential job function email list to develop actions that enable the growth not only of organizations, but also of professionals under the strategic, tactical and operational spheres. Indeed, the processes inherent to human capital contribute significantly to the fulfillment of internal goals and objectives, in the same way that, in the external sphere, they make it possible to optimize the company’s positioning in local, regional and global markets.

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Development and training

The purpose of these processes is to improve BTC Email List professional training and, in this way, guide the collaborator to the execution of their work in accordance with corporate challenges. These processes monitor and record the performance of collaborators, as well as encourage compensation actions based on said performance. As you can see, human capital management seeks to align with business objectives, taking into account the demands of people in the corporate universe. For human capital management to be effective, it is necessary to focus on providing the work team with specific skills as appropriate.

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