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Affiliate marketing from the user s perspective The thinking pattern of a user who is more or less consciously subject to affiliate marketing is as follows i want to have something i want this thing fast I want something cheap I want it to be of good quality I believe that what is recommend on a site I know for example, on some social networking site like Instagram is worth buying I m buying. How does affiliate marketing work We already know that affiliate marketing consists of activities advertiser, publisher, and user. It is also worth mentioning the operation of the affiliate system. The entire process bas on this system is as follows the advertiser.

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Wants to sell their product or service the publisher has a channel where it can place information about the advertiser s product or service the affiliate network allows advertisers and publishers to connect the user sees an advertisement for the Spain Business Email List advertiser s product on the publisher s channel, successively clicks on the link visible on the advertisement and makes a purchase on the advertiser s website. Example of affiliate marketing amazon affiliate marketing Source affiliate. Affiliate network. It tracks transactions made by a user going from an ad to the advertiser s website.

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What is this It is simply a way of promotion, which consists in the cooperation of online stores with publishers all as part of the affiliate program. Thus, it is the affiliate system that allows you to implement the assumptions of affiliate marketing. Who benefits from affiliate programs Both the advertiser and the publisher benefit from affiliate programs. The benefits for the advertiser are quite obvious thanks to advertising, they increase traffic on their BTC Email List website, brand recognition, sales and profits. In turn, the benefits for the publisher are the effect of the above mention.

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