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Therefore the more fields describing the product we fill in, the greater the chance that it will also appear in filter views. The third reason to optimize the fe is that Google Ads algorithms constantly determine its quality and reward products from those fes that they consider to be of high quality. The high quality of the fe, apart from the fact that it affects the position in the display, can also help to ruce the CPC, i.e. the rate per click of the ad. If the fe is well construct, our product is more suit to the client s query, thanks to which we burn less budget. This means that the campaign can achieve much better results, as it generates.

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More clicks within the set budget and reaches a better target group of recipients. What must the product fe contain product fe elements In the Singapore Business Email List case of a product fe, some of the information is mandatory for the fe to be accept by the system, and some is optional, and additionally, some options are requir only in campaigns for select countries or only for specific product categories. Therefore, when creating a product campaign, it is best to check each time what are the fe requirements in our industry and in the country where we want to publish ads. In simple terms, however, it can be said that the information that must be includ.

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In the product fe includes ID unique product identifier. Ideally, it should be the same as in our warehouse identification. Title the name of the product and the most important information about it. We will write a little later on how exactly it should look like. Description in this field, you should describe the product in detail, using keywords that are most relevant to it. it should lead to the product page where you can make a purchase. Image the address of the main image of the product, which will be available for indexing by Google. Availability product BTC Email List status. It can have the value in stock , out of stock , temporarily.

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