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This is where automatic sentiment analysis comes into play. Are the new mentions negative If so, what are the most repeat keywords We are unable to prict an image crisis. A faulty product or a serious error in access to a service will sooner or later happen to everyone. The only thing we can control is how we respond to a crisis. Brand monitoring gives us a time advantage, allowing us to react almost immiately. In some cases, we may even be able to stop a potential crisis before it escalates if a bad experience with our brand starts appearing on social mia, we ll be able to apologize and offer compensation right away.

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We can also react to mentions containing particularly sensitive keywords. The issue of the selection of these slogans is an individual matter for China Business Email List each industry for example, brands in the beauty industry may want to monitor terms like “test on animals” or “side effects”. Modern brand monitoring solutions enable automatic “guarding” of our mentions around the clock. If they discover a sudden spike in the number of mentions or brand association with a sensitive topic, they will automatically inform the appropriate people, such as the brand manager or the customer service team. Is it worth monitoring a brand Of course.

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As you can see modern brand monitoring is an indispensable tool for every company that is present on the Internet. Since the pandemic has forc us to go online almost completely, it is hard to imagine a brand that would not be able to take advantage of the advantages of social listening. So our verdict is clear if you re not already monitoring a brand, it s worth considering. It is one magic bullet that will take care of both research for marketing campaigns, image BTC Email List competition analysis, and protect the company from escalating potential image crises.

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