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Increase in the number of phrases in TOP and TOP , improving the position of key phrases for business, increasing the average time spent on the website. SEO results in Google Analytics The first and free tool that we can use to measure the effects of positioning is Google Analytics. By placing a special tracking code on your website, we can use this tool to check how users behave when they are on it. It is worth checking here, first of all, such parameters as traffic on the website comparing the current results with those from, say, half a year ago, we can check whether the website has a noticeable increase, bounce rate this indicator will.

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They ne on the website, the number of page views of those subpages that are most important for our business, e.g. the most important product Uganda Business Email List categories, the number of conversions i.e. actions that are important for us to be perform by the user. A conversion can be the purchase of a product, but also, for example, sending a contact form, downloading a guide or booking an appointment. average time spent on the site this information will help you determine whether the site meets the expectations of users. Thanks to this, you will find out whether the subpages are position for the right phrases. However, in order to get the correct results from.

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Google Analytics you first ne to

Properly configure the tool. Because if we don t, the data will be falsifi. Before we start monitoring anything with it, we should exclude our own IP and the IP of the positioning agency from the measurements. Then the tool will not count visits to the website that do not come from potential customers. Then, we should also exclude traffic generat by known bots and block access to the website for typically spam bots. For the data to be reliable, it is also necessary to mark that the tool only takes into account traffic to our host. If we use BTC Email List Google Ads or Facebook Ads, it is also necessary to link the Analytics account with.

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