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The work of an advanc and constantly updat selection algorithm. It is bas primarily on the so call keywords. So when we enter any phrase, the engine returns a list of results that, in theory, best match the given query that is, Google tries to limit the time spent by the user on searching and rirect him to the desir destination as quickly as possible. On the part of the algorithm, such a ranking of pages as to actually ruce the search time to an absolute minimum is a huge challenge. The search engine has to “guess” what specific type of information the user is looking for – are these the products he wants to buy Or maybe he wants to expand his knowlge on.

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A given topic and collect specific data Teaching the algorithm to understand the user s intentions is the greatest difficulty and although the search Cyprus Business Email List system is still far from perfect, thanks to updates, the algorithm is getting slightly better at fulfilling this function every day. Positioning what is it about The algorithm largely takes into account the content plac on the page, i.e. its length, quality and presentation, but content is only one of over factors analyz by the algorithm. Below, we will describe in turn the most important elements that make up.

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SEO advertising in favorable conditions. However, before we get to the tips and principles of SEO advertising, let s start with how to prepare for positioning. The first step should always be an in depth analysis of keywords what phrases are enter by users into the search engine if they want to find products, services or data contain on competing websites What keywords are relat to the industry in which you operate Many programs and services that BTC Email List analyze key phrases and positions of specific pages come with help. It is worth paying attention to the free.

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