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Ads keyword matches You can read about it in the article below. Google Ads Matches What is it By using Google Ads, sooner or later we will always come across the term keyword matching. The option we choose determines how widely the system will search for recipients to whom it should display our ad. So, Google Ads matching determines, in short, how exactly the password entered by the user in the search engine should match the one we added as a keyword. Depending on the selected match, the system.

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May show the ad only to recipients who have. Entered an identical phrase, or also to recipients who have refined their. Password with additional Laos Business Email List terms or entered a password only loosely related to the keyword. Match types Exact Match This is the most precise Google Ads match. It reaches the narrowest group of recipients, but it allows you to maintain the greatest control over who your ad will be displayed to. Using this type of match, we only reach users who typed the exact same keyword or term with the same meaning or in other words, with the same search intent. When typing an exact match keyword, we put it in square brackets eg.

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Then your ad will show for that term and terms. That are very similar, such as men s pajamas, men s pajamas, etc. Phrase match includes all the searches that exact match does, and also allows your ad to show for terms where the user has refined the keyword. We ll still only show ads for searches that include our product or service, but it doesn t have to be an exact repetition of the keyword. So it s a slightly looser type of match, but still allows you to keep a relatively large amount of control over how you spend your budget. A phrase match is BTC Email List marked by placing the keyword in quotation marks. If, for example, we enter.

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