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However if the user then converts within the relevant time frame, Facebook will count the conversion as a result of their ad. Attribution models in Google Analytics In Google Analytics, a different attribution model is us by default the last indirect input is count as the one that result in a conversion. What is indirect entry Simply put, it can be any way to enter the website, except for directly entering its address in the browser bar. So, for example, if a user clicks on a Google Ads ad but doesn t buy anything, and then enters the site by typing its address into the browser and converts on the page, then Google Ads will take crit for it.

Comparing this counting system

With the Facebook system, it is easy to. See that the results of Facebook Ads campaigns in Analytics may be weaker than in Facebook statistics. However, Google Analytics also offers other attribution models, and changing the default settings. Can Tonga Business Email List significantly change the results present by this tool. We have the following models to choose from. Last interaction then the system assigns all crit for the conversion to the channel that the user us immiately before making this conversion. This setting makes sense when your ad is aim at people who are determin to buy, rather than those at the earlier stages of the buying funnel.

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Responsibility for the conversion is attribut to the last ad display by the Google Ads system that the recipient click on before converting. It is worth using this model only when you want to compare the effectiveness of Google Ads. Does not apply to statistics for Facebook ads. First Interaction In this model, Analytics recognizes that all crit for the conversion goes to the channel that first introduc the user to our site. It can be us in this case when we want to BTC Email List build brand awareness with advertisements. Linear Considers conversion , and gives an equal percentage crit to all channels through which.

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