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Unavailable or pre sale in the case of the last two options, it is also mandatory to complete the attribute indicating the date of availability . Price it must be consistent with the price on the store s website and the payment page. GTIN Global Trade Item Number This is only requir for products that have a manufacturer assign GTIN, but Google strongly recommends using it for all products. If the product fe contains the above mention elements, it will be accept by the advertising system, but it does not mean that the fe is of high quality. These are only the basics and to get a high score for the algorithm, it is also worth completing.

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Some of the attributes from the optional list. However, before we go into their description, let s tell you how to optimize these basic product data. How South Korea Business Email List to optimize titles in product fe The title is a very important element not only because it is one of the first pieces of information that the user sees. It is also important because it is one of the main parameters that the algorithm takes into account when determining which keywords to display a given product. Therefore, it is worth including in it not only information about.

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In other attributes but if we also include it in the title, we increase the chance that the products will be display for the best queries in their case. The order in which information is provid is also very important, as it may be slightly different for different product categories. According to Google, the best practices for title optimization for the most popular industries are Clothes Brand name Gender Product type Product features color, size, material, etc. the name BTC Email List of the product, but also, for example, its brand, color or size. We will repeat this information.

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