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Absolutely not Properly carri out, it can help you gain many new customers and become a channel that significantly supports sales. As an example, let s give the results of one of our clients the Selsey brand. Facebook Ads results About the Selsey brand is one of the leading Polish e commerce companies, which has been growing by year on year since. It specializes in the online sale of furniture and home furnishings. With over , products available hours a day, days a week, the brand offers a wide range of solutions at affordable prices, giving its customers confidence that they will make the right choice. The company operates in over.

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Advertising creations When it comes to formats, in September two types of campaigns were launch static square ads and catalog ads in the form of a carousel. During this year, however, we manag to diversify the advertising creations and introduce Tanzania Business Email List visually attractive novelties, such as, for example, carousels with photos of furniture in specific arrangements. In September , the client had already launch formats such as static ads from Stories, carousel of static graphics, carousel with products from the catalog in arrangements, animations and videos, carousel with products from the catalog. At the same time, we kept a comparable budget for.

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With the expenses from September , we can see a decrease of several percent. This shows that variety does not have to be expensive. The longer we operate, the better we get to know the target group and its nes, so we are better able to adjust advertising messages. The synergy of client and agency activities is also important. In activities with Selsey, we have full transparency, long and short term planning and a full understanding of what the business goals are and what benefits result from this for the consumer. Comparison of results Let s compare the BTC Email List results from September with the results we generat in September this year.

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