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So that they are valuable both in terms of content and from the point of view of SEO. These texts are direct only to strictly sales subpages, such as category, product or category filter pages. Results after half a year and after a year of cooperation Cooperation in the consulting model is demanding both for us and for our clients. It requires a lot of discipline and the will to reach agreement on both sides. However, if they appear, the results can be very good as in the case of After half a year, the results were as follows top phrases, top phrases, top phrases. increase in the number of top strima phrases In our industry, however.

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Positioning is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time for the implement changes to bring measurable benefits in the form of increas traffic and Namibia Business Email List improv visibility for the most difficult phrases. Therefore, it is also worth showing that this process is ongoing and you can still see significant increases in organic results. In June this year, the results already reach phrases in top , phrases in the top , phrases in the top. increase in the number of top phrases increase in the number of top phrases Organic traffic can be estimat at around. thousand per month. These are the results that show that together with the client we have chosen the right direction, and our work.

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This is also evidenc by the data from Analytics, which show that the revenue from the organic channel in the third quarter of this year, compar to the third quarter of the previous year, increas by. and increas by.. In the post I show the growth until June this year, but recently our results exce See also what is dropshipping ctr core web vitals what is sem school advertisement youtube select duplicate content Rate this article Average rating bas on ratings author of the article Jack Smogur Jacek start his adventure in a small SEO agency years ago as an SEO specialist. Over BTC Email List time, he also enter the wide waters of the Google Ads advertising environment and now feels comfortable in both topics.

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