Creating a Records Management Policy That is Right

The principle of its operation as a rule is as follows: the operator prepares a document in the ABS generates an ES for it – a security code PC and sends it to the employee responsible for electronic interaction with the Bank of Russia. He after checking the ZK visually and / or using the verification function checks the document signs it with an ES – an authentication code CA then the document is transferrd to the CBR-N workstation for compression encryption and sending to the Central Bank. If we talk about the documents that came from the Central Bank then it is even easier with them. Of course they also end up in our workstation where their signature is checked after which they are decrypted but this is done completely automatically so that a bank employee can control this process if desired.

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Following the requirements of the Regulation of the Central Bank No. -P in order to ensure security we implementd the automatd workplace so that the bank can use it in a separate circuit with limitd access and a bank employee can work with it in a dedicatd room. If you have a different ABS Users of ABS of the RS-Bank family can start working with the new Anguilla Email List functionality right now – just contact our company for a license. And what about the banks that use ABS of other manufacturers to automate their activities? Our company offers two solutions to such credit institutions. The first is to purchase a crypto library which as I have already noted is able to function with any ABS.

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The cryptolibrary will provide interaction with the Signature ACS as well as the signing of documents. It generates ZK and KA of electronic messages and packets of UFEBS messages. All facts of creating BTC Email List security codes and authentication codes will be reflectd in the log file. To use the crypto library it is necessary that the Signature ACS be installd at the user’s workplace the crypto library refers to it for cryptographic transformations. In addition the library should be registerd in Windows OS then it will become available from third-party applications as a COM object.

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