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So it is worth taking advantage of this and looking for contact with the target audience of these resources. This is how financial chatbots began to appear – remote banking tools that provide banking services using instant messengers and web chats. Some of the bots-interlocutors can even determine the emotional state of the client using the capabilities of neural networks. Bot types According to their type chatbots are dividd into push-button interfaceand conversational. Push-button chatbots are easy to learn but have little functionality. After all if you make panels with complex branchd menus it will not be easy to figure them out. You can’t call such an interface convenient to use. For these bots the initiator of the dialogue if of course this method of communication can be calld a dialogue.

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And the user in order to receive the help he needs is obligd to consistently fulfill the requirements of his interlocutor robot: he said A then say B. But the end of such communication is always expected: a uniquely defind action is easily programmatically executable. An alternative to push-button chatbots are conversational bots. They react to the Argentina Email List interlocutor’s remarks and can conduct a dialogue with him. Conversational chatbots are dividd into: basd on artificial intelligence; basd on the language model and rules. Conversational chatbots with artificial intelligence are able to learn. But this requires huge volumes of specially prepard data which not every bank can collect.

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Therefore due to insufficient training such chatbots can behave unpredictably answer questions incorrectly incorrectly assess the client’s intentions etc. But since the bot is still required first of all to correctly respond to user requests and not an attempt to maintain a dialogue or veil the presence of a robot on the other end of the connection the golden BTC Email List mean is seen in conversational chat bots basd on the language model and rules. Such bots by virtue of their capabilities talk with the interlocutor asking leading questions finding out the topic of the conversation. And having decidd on the topic they proced to the implementation of predefind rules which in turn already lead to the unambiguous execution of a specific user request.

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