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A revolution in stories We can associate Kurt Vonnegut as the author of Cat’s Lullaby , Slaughterhouse Five or Breakfast of Champions. Few people know that he was also the father of the revolution in storytelling. Vonnegut was born in in Indianapolis. In , he enroll in chemistry at Cornell University and contribut to the university’s newspaper, The Cornell Daily Sun. However, World War II did not allow him to finish his studies. He did not despair much because he knew that science was not his way. He had a renew approach to higher ucation in the s, when he chose anthropology at the University of Chicago. In, he submitt his master’s thesis entitl.

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Fluctuations Between Good And Evil In Simple Tale , or Fluctuations Between Good and Evil in Simple Tales. To write it, he analyz thousands of fairy tales, legends and stories. It was then that he made a revolutionary discovery stories have Canada Business Email List shapes. Despite the groundbreaking discovery, his work was reject by the committee. story story shapes Kurt Vonnegut drew a graph in which he plac the emotional state of the character on the vertical axis, and the time in the story on the horizontal axis. Thanks to this, he defin seven basic shapes that stories took. A man in a hole. Everything starts well. We see a hero who has a good life, he lacks nothing.

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However the situation changes dramatically, problems and difficulties begin. The hero does everything to return to the old version of his life. An example of this story shape is the fairy tale Finding Nemo in which the main character leads a peaceful life until one day he is kidnapp and tries to do everything to return to his family. Boy meets girl. We see this pattern in most romantic comies. One day, the hero meets the perfect girl and falls in love. He is also BTC Email List not indifferent to her. However, a playful fate causes everything to fall apart. They have to work hard to be together. From the rain to the gutter. Could it be worse Yes.

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