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Online forum Online forums are experiencing a second wave of popularity more and more users are using these types of sites to form a loyal community around a company product or brand. In addition forum members often help each other with various questions which educes the burden on the official support service. A forum can also be an independent site where lovers of a certain occupation gather. For example you can create a fishing forum a technical forum or a gaming forum using Wix templates. online forum template example. Site card A business card website is a great way to boost your online presence and build a strong personal brand. In a sense this is also an online portfolio but focus on the person himself and not on his projects: therefore it is ideal for actors writers business coaches and so on.

Reasons for Small Businesses to Go Online

A business card site can act as an interactive online resume that can be sent to a potential employer. Anyone can create a business card site using customizable templates from this category. business card website template example. Website with a custom section The user section on the site allows you to share unique paid content with those who B2B Email List have purchase access to it. Such content can be exclusive blog articles video tutorials or checklists. You can set up different types of subscriptions such as weekly monthly or yearly access full access to current and future content or limit access to specific content.

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An example of such sites is The Wall Street Journal which provides access to most materials only by subscription. You can add a custom section to any Wix site. website template with custom section example. Website of a nonprofit organization A school website a charitable foundation website an animal shelter website are all types of websites for nonprofit BTC Email List organizations. Most often they include a description of the company information about its type of activity a photo gallery and in some cases a section for online donations. The Wix Library includes a variety of templates for a nonprofit organization website such as Youth Center Animal Shelter Charity Canteen and more.

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