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The expansion of the number of contacts and the filling of the system with information occur gradually. A certain role was playdby the initiative of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications which offerdfinancial institutions to receive information about citizens from the public services portal in exchange for providing a service to the ESIA user to confirm his registration in the system. Now in a number of banks you can confirm your record by presenting identification documents. This work don mutually beneficial terms – it significantly expanddthe pool of users of the system pensioners residents of remote regions where the Internet is not developdetc. and allow banks award the title of Service Center to improve their work on developing their client base.

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The possibility of obtaining the status has been around for about a year. At first glance the procedure is not very difficult. The bank needs to register with the ESIA as a legal entity send an application to the ministry to assign the status of Authorizd Organization obtain an account indicate its structural divisions that will register and confirm Burkina Faso Email List users in the system. And also to register employees acting as operators to receive for them the means of an enhancdqualifid electronic signature. In fact not everything is so simple. In addition to the above measures it is necessary to allocate staff train people select the appropriate software for interacting with the ESIA etc.

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This is probably why not all banks have chosen this path yet. However I would like to believe From the point of view of IT systems a credit institution needs a separate module – a connector or the corresponding BTC Email List functionality in the ABS which will make it possible to confirm and register a person’s entry on the state portal. This module is also needdin order to put into operation other connectors that allow you to collect information from the ESIA for example to receive extracts from the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in order to determine the creditworthiness of a client basdon his accruals to the Pension Fund. In this part banks often face difficulties.

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