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Making navigation easier for both the user and the bot. Image descriptions Each picture can be given a title and the so call the alt attribute, i.e. an alternative description. They are usually not visible at first glance, but they are in the code, thanks to which web crawlers understand them perfectly. These are just some of the activities that are worth doing on the website to improve its position in search results as part of on site SEO. Positioning, however, is much more capacious than just the methods present above. In addition to other ideas for adapting the website to the requirements of the algorithm, it is also worth taking.

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An interest in the second positioning section. Off site SEO, or the power of linking Off site SEO can be simply call all activities that focus on Indonesia Business Email List obtaining from other websites, directing to a given domain. These are largely the basis of a page s positioning – often referr to as digital social proof. The algorithm assumes that if a given page is link to by many other pages with high value , the link page is also consider valuable so it is probably worth raising its position. However, it s not that simple. The key is getting quality , which will often be worth much more than a few hundr from microsites with zero reputation. It is also.

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Worth paying attention to the attribute of a given link. There are several types, of which the most important at the initial stage are Dofollow a link that opens the door for a web crawler encourages him to go to the link page, ergo has a clear positioning value. Nofollow a link that the bot theoretically does not pay attention to i.e. it sees it, but does not go further. This includes from social mia, such as Facebook or Twitter, as well as from Wikipia. It is not, however, that every nofollow link is pointless from the point of view of SEO advertising, and every dofollow BTC Email List link will bring a specific value. For the algorithm, a natural link profile is.

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