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This year Facebook ads brought in. more new users than in the same period in. The bounce rate fell from to or. This is a sign that the ads are better suit to the user s nes. Most importantly, good advertising results also translate into real profit for the company. Compar to September , in September this year, revenues from Facebook campaigns increas by as much as. , while expenses decreas by.. facebook ads campaign costs facebook ads campaign revenue Who can count on success with Facebook Ads Facebook is a specific channel and advertising in this particular mium does not bring measurable profits in every industry.

It works especially well for those

Product categories that are visually appealing and that users tend to enjoy purchasing. This is why Facebook Ads works well for the Selsey Sudan Business Email List brand. Companies from the clothing, cosmetics, garden accessories, sports equipment and children s toys industries can also count on the success of advertising in this channel. These types of online stores can show their assortment in an interesting way, and thus gain the attention of customers. Share the article with your friends See also what is cms advertising of an accounting office how much does advertising in a newspaper cost google thin content search engines.

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On a website price list store positioning shoper google analytics how google ads works customer match Rate this article Average rating bas on rating author of the article Magdalena Walczak Polish philologist by chance, bookaholic by nature. Associat with marketing for longer than she would like to admit, she specializes in writing all sorts of texts for the Verseo blog. He is a member of the Marketing Department and works on various projects, not all of which have yet seen the light of day. What she likes the most about work is that she doesn t have to be there BTC Email List before. , in life people with an absurd sense of humor.

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